Larrabetzu Memory Space

The town of Larrabetzu was part of the "Iron Belt" of Bilbao in the early years of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). At that time, its rural appearance was altered by military constructions. After the war, the dictatorship implemented by the new regime, brought other alterations of daily life, such as the persecution of political ideas and the repression of the Basque language and culture. This space is dedicated to the memory of the people of Larrabetzu who saw their lives altered by the horror of war and dictatorship. The exhibition design had to solve the problem posed by the duality of uses: exhibition and auditorium. The problem was solved with folding exhibition structures very easy to assemble and disassemble but also robust to withstand the passage of time. The basis of the exhibition is large format photographs and written texts not with academic tone but more emotional.
Larrabetzuko Udala