D’or Museum

The project is part of the great project of value creation and public use of the Fort of Sant Julià de Ramis. This fort is one of the few original fortifications built in Catalonia for a space of four centuries, and the only one inspired by the principles of Séré de Rivières. Architectural rehabilitation has been carried out by Josep Fusses and Viader. This project has focused on the development of the visitor-service systems - counters and shop - the conceptualization, design, content development and integral production of the museum elements that are part of Hall 0 dedicated to subjects related to the world of the Jewelery, as well as the mappings that accompany the permanent collection and audiovisual production of Espai Quim Hereu. The jewelry shop is the backpack of the project and the one that makes sense of all the intervention and shows the ties that are established with the jewelers' union and the dedication of a lifetime - that of Mr. Ramon López - dedicated to the knowledge and art of jewelry.