Invisible “Modernismo”

This app is specially designed for people who are permanent residents, temporary residents or occasional residents of Barcelona, who are curious to find out in detail about Barcelona in 1900 and discover the profound urban transformation that the city underwent at the turn of the 19th/20th century thanks to the rise of a middle class eager to show off how modern it was.
Let yourself be guided by this app to discover a city in ferment that has left us an extraordinary architectural heritage, one which today is one of its main identifying traits but which is largely unknown to the public at large.
The app provides the location of a hundred little-known buildings, ordered on the basis of the ten most famous Art Nouveau sites in the city. The app features GPS positioning to help find your way on the routes and the intention is to add new buildings, urban features or routes in the future.
Routes can be downloaded separately, as you need them, and the data can be deleted once you have done the route so as not to take up memory space.
The app superimposes a plan of Barcelona in 1900 over the modern-day street plan. A transparency bar allows you to choose which plan you see or to superimpose one over the other to compare them.
The app “Modernismo Invisible” is available in English, Spanish and Catalan.
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