Macià Space

Museum project, museum and production of the permanent exhibition.

Toya Iberian Tomb

Design, production and installation of the exhibition of the Reception Center of Toya (Peal de Becerro, Jaén)

Cathedral of Pamplona

Concept, design, production and assembly of the Centre for the Interpretation of the facade of the Cathedral of Pamplona (Navarra).


Visitor Center Pallars Jussà (Catalonia)


Visitor Center in Sant Hilari Sacalm and the Sierra de las Guilleries.

“La Serrería”

Interpretation Centre of Culture lumber in Vadillo Castril (Cazorla, Jaén)

Gernika Peace Museum

Concept, design, production and installation of the Gernika’s Peace Museum (Basque Country)  

Plan of Prehistory

Strategic Plan of the Prehistoric Archaeological Heritage of the Eastern region of Asturias.

Witches Museum

Museum project, production, installation and commissioning of the Museum of Witches of Zugarramurdi (Navarra).

Can Marfà

Design and production of the permanent exhibition Can Marfa section of the museum dedicated to Mataro knitwear.