Art in Trasmiera

"Trasmiera, a land of noblemen artists" is the title of the permanent exhibition of “Art Trasmiera Observatory”, located in the old school of Arnuero. The center brings us closer to the life and work of these masters of stone like the Solórzano family. The center covers three areas. First the audiovisual scenography "Workshop of Solórzano" recreates life in a workshop stonemasons. Second, the space "On site ..." is dedicated to show didactically technical trades to which the engaged artists: stonecutters, smelters of bells, altarpiece makers. The third space is a projection room which serves as the assembly hall, which is projected the audiovisual "Ambassadors of Cantabria" dedicated to showing the transcontinental dimension of the work of the gentry trasmeranos artists by the different territories of the Kingdom of Castilla.
Ayuntamiento de Arnuero - Fundación Botín

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